The season of Christmas is almost upon us! Here’s your shopping list:

Concert Tickets:“Do You See What I See?” on December 15th. This concert is sponsored by Angels in Disguise with pianist and composer Eric Genuis! Sweaty Sheep is selling tickets for only $15 per person, and proceeds will benefit Sweaty Sheep and multiple Down Syndrome support groups in Louisville. Buy your ticket using the link on the right hand side of the page!

5K Race Entry:On December 22nd, Sweaty Sheep will be hosting our “Merry Christmas 5k,” with Church Choirs, an Eggnog Challenge, and a dinner with the homeless community of Louisville. Only $10, this race and will benefit Sweaty Sheep and Louisville’s homeless population. Register early!More info here!

Also, you can help us make some Christmas gifts for a very special cause! Instead of medals, we thought it would be great for participants of our 5k to receive keepsake ornaments to serve as a memento of what is sure to be a blessed experience, as well as send ornaments back to the homeless shelters to spread some Christmas cheer.  Wednesday, December 12th at 6:30 pm-in the Avenue at Cardinal Towne- we are hosting a Sweaty Sheep Christmas Ornament Decorating Party.

Exclusive Sweaty Sheep Bracelets: Only $20 each, these are locally handcrafted metal and leather bracelets available in a variety of colors (brown, black, blue, orange, pink, yellow, etc). Order them on our store page!

Christmas Cards, Apparel, Water Bottles, and more: Don’t forget to order your Sweaty Sheep Christmas cards from our store!