It’s been said that there is “nothing new under the sun…” (little Ecclesiastes for ya.) Well there is newness happening in Sweaty Sheep and we pray that you join in our excitement! As our mission project this Fall we have launched a chapter of “Achilles,” a national initiative to provide training and racing to athletes with disabilities. That said, we need your prayers; your time and sweat as coaches, mentors, and friends; and if you are in a situation to give, we need your financial support to help us with the costs of specialized hand cycles, random bikes, etc… (have an old random or recumbent bike in the garage collecting dust? We have a home for it!) “Like” and follow the program at and email for more info!

That not exciting enough? We are also in the process of getting space for more programs than ever before: Christian yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc., as well as a Christian based endurance sport coaching program!

Yep, it’s an exciting month here amongst the flock!

Take a look at our most recent FRONTPAGE article in the Courier Journal!
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