Wally the Wave

This is Exciting…

For several months now Sweaty Sheep has been diving into the magical, nonjudgemental and playful spirit of youthfulness through a multifaceted children’s literature project!          

And Drumroll Please…    We are elated to tell you that our first book is ready for YOU!


1.  Click the pic below for a digital version and

2.   Click here to get your Autographed 1st edition copy!!!!

3.  Click this link to WATCH A DRAMATIC READING with Ryan and Noah!!!!

4. Dive into Noah and Ryan’s watercoloring of the text… This Video shows how the two used art to place Noah’s special gifts over the ‘special needs’ of his Cerebral Palsy. https://youtu.be/J8jendfI8hs

5.    Read this review from the National ‘Outlook Mag’ on are awesome book!!