Trekking with the h-OM-ies

On September 9th, a diverse group will embark on a journey to overcome labels, stigmas, addiction, and/or adversity.  A journey towards self and social-sustainability and acceptance. A journey home.

Meet your awesome host agencies:



  • Yoga for All: create an outcome that dismantles the “us versus them” dichotomy in our community through the shared practice of yoga. The intended impact for humanity is equity and justice for all.,
  • Sweaty Sheep: to ‘utilize recreation and deliberative shared experience to break down faith, social and economic barriers. Contact: Rev. Ryan Althaus,,
  • Living Evolution: Create a stronger sense of community, increase physical and mental health, and support people in experiencing a greater sense of connection to nature. Contact: River Krimmer, MFT;
  • Shared Adventures: Providing opportunities for special needs populations to experience the joys of play and social engagement beyond physical or developmental limitations. Contact: Eli Cooper,
  • Adventures in Learning: A education and experiential program engaging our natural resources to provide formative learning opportunities for diverse youth. Contact: Becky Gomoll:

Take a mini retreat and dive in with last year’s family of Tahoe Trekkers!

  • Vision StatementWe envision this trip as being a haven for cultivating meaningful connections through our community networks. Additionally, availing supportive opportunities for people to heal through shared play, recreational and somatic therapy as well as developing permanent connections through community resources. This will be a holistic retreat that not only serves as a vacation from everyday life but as a supportive stepping stone when returning home and as an integral part of an individual’s continuum of care.

  • Outcome:  Our intended outcome is to provide an accessible retreat/adventure experience that brings diverse populations together: isolated youth and families, adults experiencing homelessness as well as adults with varying physical abilities. The intended outcome is also to support overall improved sense of emotional and physical stability, improved mental health, decrease social stigma and to provide resources that help to mitigate and decrease the impact of trauma through prosocial activities.

  • Impact: The Impact we wish to contribute to the world is equity and authentic inclusion for all people!



Register Today:


  • Cost: $300/person (Scholarships available)
  • Location: Zephyr Camp and Conference Center
    • Lakeside 55 person Cabin with access to paddle boards, kayaks, fishing, etc
  • Rooms:  Bunk rooms (4 per room) with shared bathrooms
  • Meals: we share in cooking and cleaning… and of course eating! However there is a Safeway close by and options for buffet meals at the camp center 3x daily (for an additional cost) if desired.
  • We know you have questions… call or email us anytime, & take a look at these FAQ’s
  • Here is a Sample Schedule

    • of a day on the trip!    We will have both scheduled activity and scheduled free time with a mix of play, reflection, discussion, yoga, meal, field trips, etc…      No activities are ‘mandatory’ but we hope that you will engage in a variety of the offerings throughout the week!   We won’t finalize the schedule till we meet as a team the 1st evening.


Please email with:

1. Your Full Name

2. Contact Email, phone, address (if applicable)

3. How did you hear about this event

4. Your Age

5. Needs/special accommodations (nutritional and physical restrictions)

6. Do you need transportation?

     …Optional (but helpful)

     a). Goals for the Retreat. (is there something you are working on/working on overcoming?

     b). What about the trip causes you anxiety

     c). What about the trip causes you excitement

     d) Interests: (art, hiking, ecology, music, cooking, yoga, dance, kayaking, fishing, horses, etc) *and whatever else you’d like to share!!!

Payments by Check made payable to:

‘Sweaty Sheep’

PO box 7385

Santa Cruz CA 95061


Pay Online by Clicking Here

*****This Retreat seeks to be fully socially, physically, and economically inclusive to all.   Let us know if the $300 registration fee is a limiting factor and we will work together to find ways to get you to Tahoe!******

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