God’s Garden initiative… seeds of hope for the hopeless


and learn more about this amazing hydroponic homeless community re-integration program… We are indeed “sweaty” sheep as we continue putting our Orthodoxy into “Orthopraxy!”

We are thrilled to announce our first two “Homeless Gardeners” are no longer homeless!!! Not only that, but with the ranch rocking and two mobile units placed, THESE GUYS ARE FEEDING PEOPLE!!!! Stop by the vet center on Front St. Santa Cruz Wednesday at noon and sit with some special neighbors while feasting on fresh organic produce!

How can you help you ask?

Donations of gift cards: Help us provide for those who are working to provide for the community! These veterans are transitioning out of homelessness and any support towards food, transportation, social services, or therapeutic services (medical, nutritional, counseling, etc) is incredibly helpful.

Purchase one of our gardens: Gardens are scalable in size from 3×3 to 12×24 ft, can be set up as aqua or hydroponic, and structured specifically to grow a variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc based on your community needs. Your garden will be built by a vet participant and we hope you will consider bringing one of our trainees into your community to train your team and/or oversee your garden!

Hire one of our vets! Our program is meant to be a transitional (and transformational) step towards longterm employment and housing…. We would love to work with you as a potential placement site for individuals as they grow ready to re-enter the workforce.

Make a financial contribution:  All donations are tax exempt and we invite you to direct your support towards general operations or specific initiatives:
Provide a scholarship for a local church or nonprofit to host a hydroponic unit and mentor one of our participants

Provide a personal hydroponic unit for a vet as a personal small business opportunity.
Contribute to participant stipends (allowing our vets to be self-supporting as they advance through the program.)